Sunday, May 27, 2007

It is not Hero Worship When the Man is Right

I realize my admiration for Dr. Clyde Wilson must seem to some to border on hero worship. Not so, the man is simply right most of the time. I am a rational, thinking man that came to this conclusion by direct observation. He has recently written a piece about my state and my people that sums up so much of my frustration.

When the South Carolina audience applauded Giuliani’s tantrum I was not surprised at all, but felt a sting of shame. How far Calhoun’s "gallant little State" has fallen. There is no excuse for my State, but I can perhaps offer some explanation in expiation.

He goes on to offer explanations for our demise. It is no secret that our invasion and occupation did not end in the 1860's 70's or 80's. We have recently been swarmed with folks from parts elsewhere with foreign ideas and alien values. It is no real shock when you consider the demographic shift that we should now act so poorly. We are truly just regular Americans with all the flaws and bad habits incumbent with that group.

A lesson that anyone anywhere might learn from this is that culture is indeed important. Diversity is indeed a good think on the global scale. In our mobile world of bigger is better people everywhere are faced with being assimilated into a faceless, rootless collective. Dr. Clyde I do indeed weep for Carolina! All people with a distinct cultural heritage should weep, and become aware and vigilant to what is really occurring in the world.