Tuesday, March 08, 2016

France Clears Bill That Could Force Apple to Unlock Terror Data

French lawmakers backed a plan to impose penalties including jail time on technology executives who deny access to encrypted data during a terrorist investigation, giving security services and prosecutors the power to force companies such as Apple Inc. to cooperate.
An amendment providing the new power was submitted by the opposition party The Republicans and, while the government hasn’t officially supported the measure, it was included in Justice Minister Jean-Jacques Urvoas’s bill to overhaul legal procedures and fight organized crime in the wake of the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks that killed 130 people in Paris. (via Bloomberg)
My suggestion - which will not happen - is that Apple should say "fine we will stop doing business in any and all piss ant countries that want to dictate the quality of our product by forcing us to install vulnerabilities in said products".   
Let the French people go without the new Iphone 7 or 8 *whatever they are up to now, and you would then see a slew of lawmakers looking for new jobs.

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