Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Be A Real Man

In a comment over at The Old Republic Robert M. Peters writes:
Among may of my fellow Southerners, there are far too many who have bought into Rousseau’s notion of the autonomous individual with his abstract rights. This has led many to the delusion that “my gun and I” can stand against the Leviathan in “that day.” Unless there is a polity, a commonwealth, a republic, a state such as South Carolina or Arizona to provide the moral, social, legal and practical framework, such statements of “courage” will be meaningless in “that day.” Even with that support, as our own Southern experience has taught us, the task will be daunting.
My commitment is to continue to be the best son which I can be to my aged mother, to be the best husband which I can be to my wife of nearly forty years, to be the best father and grandfather I can be to my children and grandchild, to love and support my kith and kin, to live Christianly as a member of the Body of Christ, to be a good citizen in my local community, to keep a small garden and to keep the guns clean and ready, all of this based on the Revelation which I have been given with such understanding as Providence has deemed fit to give me.
No words which I could utter, no lines which I could write and no actions which I could take, even the most radically executed actions, could check the globalist elites, could thwart to goals of the Washington establishment or halt the march of the ideological fanatics. [emphasis added]
Could there be more truth apparent in simple words?  The last sentence is summation of a realization that many right thinking men come upon, much like a fork in the road.  This realization forces two choices, either give up and play along (as most do) or square your shoulders and Soldier on doing the things you ought to do despite what the world has to say about it.
Resolving to be a good and Godly man, fulfilling your responsibilities to your family, living as an example within your community (being the salt and the light) and ultimately "keeping the guns clean" is it seems the best we can hope for in this world now.  That is the definition of a successful man, no matter what the rest of the world may define to the contrary.
Ah, how easy it has been for so many of us to become enamored with the idea of the rights of man that we have so easily forgotten the duties of man - to his God, family and fellow man.
We need a polity, a commonwealth of such men to stand on the soil of their families and demand that their voices be heard.  We need community and communities of such men that elect statesmen to local and state positions.  Until we have such men such as Mr. Peters will be an endangered species, an enigma destined to be ignored and eventually forgotten. 
It is time that men across the land fell to their knees, begged for forgiveness for abandoning our responsibilities.  We have an obligation to our families and our community.  Stop spending yourselves into slavery (debt) to buy new toys and new entertainment experiences.  Stop wasting time watching professional teams play sports you should be out playing with your sons. Stop accepting the destruction of your culture. Love and honor your wife and your mother. Get out of that touchy feel good church that ran God out of the building long ago.  Stop accepting politicians running for political office and demand that statesmen take their place. Read your Bible and the Constitution and demand that your community and country look a little bit more like what the words there talk about. Find and stand up with other Real Men.
Be a real man - be a leader in the the necessary fight to preserve what was once good and noble in this land.

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