Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Wondering

What will become of us....

  • What will life really be like at some point in the future when our population reaches say 9 billion (up from our currently overcrowded 6.6 billion? 
  • What will silly things like individuality, humanity and individual rights mean in a world so densely populated by humans?
  • What will "nature" mean in such a world and what of real nature will remain?
  • Just how big and all encompassing can government really become?  
  • Is the notion of "peace and tranquility" through international organizations and perhaps even a pan-world government as opposed to the wars and rumors of wars resultant from centuries of sectional, regional and national loyalty really a better way?
  • What if our best rational progressive minds ultimately discover that man cannot master all the he survey's, what if we discover that nature ultimately has a say?
  •  How far can the perversion of values continue?  What will pass for pornography and vulgarity in 100 years?
  • What will your children have to shield their children from on TV and worse yet...what will be commonplace?
  • When man lives in a space no larger than an apartment, surrounded by thousands of other such habitats, all in climate controlled environs removed entirely from  nature and monitored, controlled and guided each day by an omnipresent government - can we say that humanity remains?
One cannot but believe that in the progressive mind there is the hope that whatever the future holds man will simply invent new technology to deal with the event.  Just as pioneers looked west, first across the Atlantic and then across the Great Plains, there are those that believe that when the time comes man will journey to the stars and continue manifest destiny.  Perhaps they are correct, but I suspect that if mankind gets that far, if nature does not have a say before hand -there will come a time when we realize that ultimately we are finite and our reason cannot conquer all.

I shudder to think what will become of us if we do not find out limits sooner rather than later.   Each year, with each new television season it seems we as a society downgrade our values a bit more.  Perversions that scream against nature's laws are protected rights.  God forbid that I live long enough to witness the definition of perversion in my children's lifetime - I am simply incapable of imagining what the definition may be in their children's future. 

The slow progression of omnipresent government -tyranny by any reasonable definition - is likely an unfortunate necessity.  It is necessary because only a moral people can live free and we have long ago ceased being a moral people.  That is a painful admission, but alas, most humans deserve no better than to be told what to do as most demonstrate little self-control or responsibility.  Unfortunately the humans that control governments demonstrate just as little or even less responsibility.  Mankind is becoming a slave to its own weaknesses and immorality. 

I do not believe that man in his finite wisdom will be able to solve the problems that our wicked and greedy ways will visit upon us.  I do not think God will allow it. We have squandered the resources of this world, polluted it, defaced it and perverted it for our silly purposes.  Our overpopulation is a direct result of our economic system of consumer greed.  If we lived sustainable lives it would be nearly impossible to overpopulate.  

I think that just as a deer herd in a liberal state (with restrictive hunting laws) can occasionally overpopulate and become disease-ridden and weak there is a culling of sorts coming for mankind - one all of our science and technology will not prevent.  Infinite growth cannot occur in a finite system.

We need a cultural, political and most importantly a spiritual revival. 

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